02 November 2008

Nipah is A Virus

yuhuuu!!!what's up everyone...erm...i'm so busy lately...HUHU...banyak lagi task yang undone...somebody help me with my work!!! erm...so...jom cakap pasal 'Nipah' nak??? what is Nipah?? well...nipah is my boss nickname actually...Mr.Hanipah...and nipah is a virus...HAHA...tak caye cuba selak NST hari ni...frontpage lagi...honestly...he is a virus...

Nine years after the last outbreak...

Nipah virus still a threat

Nipah virus is a newly recognized zoonotic virus. The virus was 'discovered' in 1999. It has caused disease in animals and in humans, through contact with infectious animals. The virus is named after the location where it was first detected in Malaysia. Nipah is closely related to another newly recognized zoonotic virus (1994), called Hendra virus, named after the town where it first appeared in Australia. Both Nipah and Hendra are members of the virus family Paramyxoviridae. Although members of this group of viruses have only caused a few focal outbreaks, the biologic property of these viruses to infect a wide range of hosts and to produce a disease causing significant mortality in humans has made this emerging viral infection a public heath concern.

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